The Journey Stitched by Barb Blundell

The Journey Stitched by Barb Blundell
Shepherd's Bush

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sophie's Roses

Hi to all,
This is a quick peek at one of my projects I have going.

Sophie's Roses is my current SB wip. I started stitching her last week. I love the soft SB colors for Sophie's dress; the four borders surrounding her, use the same colors. I've had this kit in my stash for a while. Just recently I found that Sophie has a companion piece, Peter's Patch. Of course, Peter has found his way into my stash!! I couldn't let Sophie be by herself. LOL.

Thanks for peeking,


Tracy J said...

It's lovely so far!

Anonymous said...

She is so sweet! Looks like a very good start.

Barb said...

Awww Colleen she is just so pretty as they all are, I have got my earth gatherers sitting here beside me ready for a new start -when I get chance. It wont be a very speedy stitch for me either Dee as I have other must do charts too from other designers.
Looking forward to watching Sophie grow and Peter catching up in the future.

Colleen said...

Hi Barb, Thanks for peeking at Sophie. I adore these little round people and they are fun to stitch. I am looking forward to seeing both yours and Dee's wip.

Andrea said...

One of my very favorite SB's! I've stitched Sophie and Peter and plan on sending them to Jill for framing :-)
You're coming along nicely!