The Journey Stitched by Barb Blundell

The Journey Stitched by Barb Blundell
Shepherd's Bush

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Small Projects for Busy Spring Days

Aaaahhh, it's springtime. Days are getting longer, gardens are blooming, kids are out playing, outdoor cooking and parties are upon us, graduates to honor, May and June weddings to celebrate and guess what, where has my stitching time gone? We all have that one, (excuse me, two or three) large projects we work on, but, how about the quick project that brings satisfaction, (did I hear gratification?) and is a great thank you or thinking of you gift?  I have the answer, ta da!!! There are some great charts from Shepherd's Bush that are a quick stitch. Stitch a heart wreath and presto, it becomes a fob, a needle keep, fiber holder, key holder, or a lovely keepsake box for someone special. How about a springtime tree for the table, filled with spring ornaments from SB?  Again a motif from one of your favorite charts, the sheep, Earth Gatherer, flowers, hearts or the wandering vine?

Aaahhh, springtime, I love it and love the little gifts I can stitch from SB.  If you have small SB projects that you would like to share, please post, as we would love to see them.

Gathering up those small projects,


Anonymous said...


I have had barely any time to stitch this week. The stitching I did do mostly had to be frogged back out.

Have a great week!

Andrea said...

I've done a few small SB things, they are so much fun! I really want that new one that I saw on the Needlecraft Corner website!
Anyway, I will try and post of them, since you asked ;-)